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About Us

Thanks to this project, the people in our civilization – in any country of the world – can acquire access to extremely effective shaman plant-based medicines that can be used for treatment of even very serious diseases. And the acquired financial means will be provided as significant assistance for the Amazon, which is in the state of deadly struggle for survival.

Diabetes and Amazon Indians

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is the most common type of diabetes – up to 95% of diabetic patients suffer from type 2. In the Czech Republic, the number of people suffering from this disease is currently estimated at 500,000. This type of diabetes massively spread worldwide after the origination of chemically modified fat. Diabetes is fatal and non-curable. Its destructive influence on the body and mental condition of a patient is sufficiently known. However, for hundreds of years, the Amazon Indians have had a treatment for this disease.

Our aim is to provide effective medicine to as many people as possible suffering from this disease. The plan from which one of the most important components of this shaman healing mix is acquired grows in a territory currently directly endangered by the full destruction of forest. Multinational concerns try to burn the forest down and create artificial mono-cultures of African oil palm in its place. The African oil palm serves for the acquisition of cheap industrial oil. This is not, however, an original South American plant, and for the purpose of its growing, the entire territory must be contaminated with poisons such as pesticides and herbicides. Due to the plantation of African oil palm, areas of unharmed original forest can disappear along with their unbelievable treasures – one of which is also the plant whose components, in combination with other shaman components, can cure diabetes.

Also, the actual shamans themselves are endangered at the given territory – the territory belongs to the Shawi Indians, where shamans are currently being systematically eliminated. Recently, 14 Indian shamans were murdered. According to the information from official members of the Peruvian government, it is an act of genocide and ethnocide caused by Protestant missions; however, the activity of these missions is in direct coherence with the activity of companies that finance these missions and try to break Indian opposition against destruction of the original forest. Through our project that deals with the export of diabetes medicine, we want to maximally contribute to the defense against deforestation.

The fact is that discovering diabetes medicine can not only change the lives of millions of people in our civilization; people might also finally realize that the Amazon and the culture of its original inhabitants should not be destroyed. In the current stage, we can offer effective medicine to hundreds of people. If you are interested, contact us. We need exact information about the type of diabetes the patient suffers, length of the disease, medication, other medical problems of the patient, etc. Treatment with our Indian medicine takes two months to one year – the patient drinks tea; the preparation of the tea is very simple, and the tea is mainly consumed in the morning and evening. However, the dosage and length of treatment are of an individual character. This shaman medicine has in principle no contraindications and causes no side effects.

Magic palm and bodybuilding

Slowly, we are developing a project regarding two seemingly very distant matters: rescuing the Amazon Mauritia Palm (called "aguaje”) and the magic shaping of a woman’s body. In the Amazon, there are distinctive enclaves called "tree of life places” by Indians. These are very special and have beautiful, tall palms that represent the base of the food chain in the jungle. Not only the huge Ara parrots and other animals but also local natives need their fruits. Currently, this palm tree is endangered. Multinational companies need bigger and bigger areas of damaged jungle to create artificial mono-cultures. The Amazon Indians of Shipibo tribe and other tribes call the Mauritia Palm the "holy tree of life” thanks to the unbelievable strength of its fruits. The fruits contain compounds similar to female hormones. It is known that thanks to regular consumption of these fruits, the female body shapes into perfect form. However, the aguaje palm fruits also have curative properties. Compounds contained in them are able to cure migraine pains, skin problems, hair loss, osteoporosis (bone disease), menstrual pain, etc. And it is not necessary to consume the fruits over several years; a few weeks are enough. The magical and legendary characteristics of the Mauritia Palm fruits – the ability to form the female body – can be used as part of diets and for very effective reduction of excessive weight. During weight loss, fat in the female body is redistributed and stored only in the "right places.” The palm fruits also very effectively improve vision and, when consumed by pregnant women, ensure their children are born with a perfectly developed skeleton and musculature and, according to the Indians, will have a "beautiful life.”

Professional collectors of these palm fruits chose suitable trees according to the shape of Indian female bodies in the given area. If Indian females have perfect bodies and the fat in their bodies is thoroughly aesthetically distributed, it means they found "good aguaje.” Currently, many palm fruits face extinction. The aim of the project MUTUAL HELP is to prepare an effective agent from these palm fruits and to make it available to women worldwide. The "tree of life” fruits oxidize fast, and it is quite difficult to preserve the compounds contained in them in their effective form (tablets were made from these fruits, but their effect was much lower than effects of the actual fruits). We cooperate with the current biggest specialists on fruits of the Mauritia Palm who are able to produce an agent that won’t loose its effectiveness. If you are interested in this miraculously effective agent, contact us.