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Customer testimonials

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V. J., Pilsen

2. 6. 2016 20.43

I regularly use White root as a means of relaxation. Drinking just one cup a day brings about a feeling of relief, peace and being on top of things.

Radek Úbl, Pilsen – south

2. 6. 2016 20.42

I had 3-week bronchitis and I kept coughing for two months after, so I bought Forest mint. Breathing became much easier in just three days and the amount of mucus also dropped notably. From time to time I drink the tea as a means of prevention. Thanks a lot for it.

H. N., Pilsen

2. 6. 2016 20.41

I can only recommend Peruvian amaranth. It brought me a lot of relief. Both interior and peripheral veins in  my calf used to hurt so much I was barely able to wear pants. In five days, i.e. five liters of tea I felt so much relief. I have been drinking this tea regularly ever since for four months and I almost don’t remember the troubles I had to go through.

M. Mašková, Trutnov

2. 6. 2016 20.41

I used to be able move around my flat or outside only with a walking stick. I drank Amazonian liana for three month and when I am at home, I don’t need it anymore, pains in my joints have vanished too. Thank you so much for helping me. Nota bene the tea is much cheaper than the chemical medicine I used to take.

Terezka Majorová, Pilsen

2. 6. 2016 20.41

I have a four-year-old ridgeback suffering from SLO (Symetric Lupoid Onychodystrophy). Besides other things it shows on his claws, which suppurate and bleed and get bare. I gave him the Dragon’s blood for two days – mornings and evenings and the pus stopped coming out and his wounds actually started to heal. In other five days the healing process became even faster and there aren’t any new open wounds showing any more. Thank you very much for bringing it to the Czech republic.

Jaroslav Ježek, Central Bohemia

2. 6. 2016 20.40

I have been using Blue flower for three months. I used to be really triggerhappy, now I feel very level-headed and it takes much longer before I flip. I also stopped sweating and my body copes much better if I change for an environment with a different temperature, which comes handy,because I work as a DJ. The tea blend really helped and I keep using it.

Lukáš H.

15. 7. 2015 9.25

Herbal blends from Peru are absolutely unrivalled.  I have been drinking them since the very beginning of the Mutual help project. I feel so much better, there is almost unearthly lightness of being present in my life. It is good to combine them with meditations but they do have a lot of power on their own too, which shows in their gentle yet strong  effect. The power of wild nature fruits gets even better when we realize that simply by buying the blend, we can help the Amazonian rainforest and its indigenous inhabitants. This by itself is a healing factor and influences quality of the blend. For the Amazonian rainforest and the health of us all.

Thank you very much for this gift

Pavel Senkyr

15. 7. 2015 9.24

Thank God you and your website exist :).  I had had a really unhealthy lifestyle for years. About a year ago I started to buying your products and all of them are great, I just have work more on myself. The Dragon’s blood is amazing for my Granny if she cuts herself or her dog scratches her. I bought loads of stuff to other members of our family too: Sacha Inchi, Aguaje and the detoc blend. Whenever anyone feels they are coming down with flu, I prepare a cup of Forrest Mint for them. I have actully had bad flue recently and the mint really helped.

Naděžda Matčuková

15. 7. 2015 9.23

Hallo, I drink Peruvian amaranth and after one month I noticed my haemorrhoids have disappeared. I had had them since I gave birth to my first daughter 31 years ago. I had had a cardiac catheterisation three times and I have 4 stents. Suddenly I realized that I can easily walk up four flights of stairs. I am not out of breath, my legs don’t hurt. My daughter drinks Blue flower and normally at this time of the year she was not able to go to the garden at all, because of her allergy. Yesterday we were both sitting there and she told me: Mom, have you noticed that horrible coughing I used to have is gone? I want to thank you  that you EXIST. The teas really help and I am going to recommend them to all my friends. I would be very grateful for  information about how long one should use the blends and if some products can be drunk at the same time. Thank you very much and I wish you many customers as this means there will be a lot of money to save the rain forrest.

Kind regards Naděžda Matčuková



15. 7. 2015 9.22

My friend gave me Sacha Inchi oil and Aguaje Palm as a Christmas present. I started to use them regularly at the beginning of January 2015. I took just one week and they beat, hands down, all the doctors and longtime experiments how to get my digestive tract moving. No doctor I have consulted about my constipation problems(sometimes they took up to 14 days) has been able to help me. It took about a week for my intestines to get used to the new situation but since then ,I go regularly every day. For all of you who have the same problems, I do recommend you to try these. You can’t make a mistake.

Sochorová Daniela

15. 7. 2015 9.22

The tea for enhancing brain is called Bitter Flower. I have been drinking it for three months and I could feel its effect just after one. My memory is getting better, I am very satisfied.

Jan Sochor

15. 7. 2015 9.21

My daughter brought me a package of Red fruit/Satisfied man blend about a month ago. I have used it regularly..pretty much. I notice my sleep getting sounder, the whole organism is somewhat calm and I don’t need to go to the loo so often. Twice a night was normal, nowadays once is enough.

I do believe that if I keep using it long-term, I expect some troubles to go away completely and some, at least, to improve.