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Flower of life, ⌀ 20 cm

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FLOWER OF LIFE - Energy Emitter

The rediscovered ancient symbol FLOWER OF LIFE is often depicted on ancient sacred artefacts, in the symbolism of the Gothic cathedrals, in the stained glass windows of sacred buildings, in kabbala is described as a tree of life. The primary cause. The first thought of the first day of creation. Expansion of divine consciousness into revealed reality, the activation of a divine light, seven cosmic, intertwined sacred circles, and seven basic chakras of the human body. This is the characteristic of the geometric pattern, the basic symbol of creation: the flower of life.

In the middle of the flower of life, there is a dimensionless point, instead of a sacred centre. A point that exists and at the same time does not exist - it is the perfect divine dichotomy. From this point "out of nowhere", wave energy is spreading, which makes the primordial universe in the form of energetic "circles". The point in the middle symbolizes Divine energy, other circles that are arranged at regular intervals represent the expansion of Divine energy in the infinite universe.

The explosion of the prime energy of sacred geometry represents the broad expansion of divine consciousness into the reality of creation. The light of the primary information spreads waves on all sides, so the universe from the moment of creation spreads the mandala of the universe and the basic mandala of life. This gives rise to new space dimensions that provide each other with more and more information. Space energy fields touch each other and never separate from each other. These space dimensions, in the form of hexagons, touch each other and fill spaces without space. Hexagon is the foundation of matter. The circle in the middle of the flower of life, if we convert this symbol towards the human body, represents the snake force stored in the first root chakra. The explosion of divine energy creates around the primary circle another energy dimension: the six energy circles - the remaining six basic chakras - the energy centres of the human body.

The Flower of Life - Heals body and soul, harmonizes, delivers energy, helps to connect with divine power and cosmic light. Therefore, it is good to use this symbol as a harmonizer of space, water, thoughts and everything that is conductive and well-received information.

We can put it under a cup or a glass of water, under any food, to eliminate radiation from computers, mobile phones, TVs ...