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Mutual Help Project

The philosophy of this project is a model of mutual help between Amazonia and our civilization. Petr Chobot and his team of botanics, doctors and other specialists have been working on this project intensively in the Amazonian primeval forest . Thank to this project, people from our civilization – in any country in the world – can gain the access to immensely effective shamanic herbal agents which are able to cure even very serious ailments. This way raised funds will be provided as a quite significant help to Amazonia which is in a deadly struggle for survival.

Petr Chobot is a biologist who had studied the shamanic ways of healing in the field in Amazonia for 18 years. Currently, he is firmly convinced that the original Indian ethnic groups used to have, and some of them still do, absolutely extraordinary recepes and knowledge regarding the primeval forest plants and trees having the ability to cure quite fast even those ailments we in our civilization consider as so-called uncurable (e.g. diabetes), or quite hardly curable. Petr has decided to make these agents available to those people who suffer from health problems, and as a compensation he asks for help to Amazonia and its indigenous inhabitants.