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Red tree

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Contains: Ubos (Spondias mombin L. - Cortex, (Graviola) Guanabana (Annona muricate L. - Folium), Noni (Morinda citrifolia - Fructus), Uňa de gato (Uncaria tomentosa Willd.D.C. - Cortex),St. Benedict's thistle (Cnicus benedictus - Herba) 

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Recommended preparation: Mix the blend well before use. Dose with respect to your weight, use between one half and one spoon of the mixture and pour it over with 700 ml-1 l of boiling water. Leave to infuse 10-15 min. Once finished, strain it, keep it in a thermobottle and use regularly during the whole day, ideally one cup three times a day (200-350 ml), half an hour before meals. You can also prepare the tea fresh three times a day. Use one third of a spoon, pour it over with 250-300 ml of boiling water, steep for 15 mins, strain and drink up.

It is strongly recommended to increase your intake of liquids.

Warning: If any problems should appear during the regenerative cure, it is possible to stop for 1 or 2 days. It is wise to learn to listen to your body and reduce your daily dosage of the mixture if need be. The cleansing process does not need to be fast, the maximum effect can also be reached step by step, so one can function well during the day without unnecessary suffering from unpleasant feelings. It is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women! Hypersensibility to substances in the blend can occur!

Weight: 90 g

Producer: Jindřich Jirásko, Pičín 53